Rural sheds and workshops

Many of our rural clients have bought a virgin block and need somewhere to store everything while the house is being built. We have plenty of options for this, and we can build in ablutions so you have a toilet, shower and even a kitchenette. We can also factor in air conditioning if you need it.

We sit down with you to custom design a shed, workshop, office, staff room or spare room—or any combination of these—that will do exactly what you need it to.

All of our products are custom designed to meet your needs: height, number of bays, doors, windows and insulation if it’s required.

They can include mezzanine floors or breezeways and fully-fitted out offices or staff rooms with internal walls and toilets, showers and kitchenettes.

Or we can just build you a standard storage shed that’s strong and secure—a staple for rural blocks.

Contact us for a chat about what you need in your rural shed or workshop.

We can custom design and build:

  • General use sheds: as rural residents ourselves, we know how much ‘stuff’ tends to accumulate when you live on acreage—cars, a boat or two, trailers, quads, motorbikes, ride-on mowers, horse floats and gear and all the equipment that goes with maintaining a rural block. We custom design and build strong, top-quality sheds to keep your stuff secure and protected from the weather.
  • Workshops: many of our clients are self-employed tradesmen or contractors who either work from home or have a mobile set-up. We build custom workshops for electricians, builders, cabinetmakers, mechanics and plumbers to either work from or securely store their mobile unit at night. We can also include office space and amenities, such as a toilet and shower.
  • Machinery sheds: as wide and as high as you need it for secure, weather-proof storage of tractors and other farming equipment, heavy machinery, trucks, trailers, boats, caravans and even aircraft. They make great hay sheds, too. We consistently find our price is much more competitive than our competitors’ on this larger scale of shed.