Offices and weekenders


We turn many sheds into offices, staff rooms and storerooms with full internal fit outs, so inside they look and feel as clean and comfortable as any ‘normal’ office space.

Everything is custom designed, so we can fully fit the office with ablutions, air conditioners, windows, internal and sliding doors, cabinetry, shelving and a kitchenette.

A shed-frame style of office is much more cost effective than a stud-frame housing concept. But it’s every bit as strong, complies with Australian and NT standards and regulations and it looks just as good.


We can build the sort of weekender you’ll never want to leave come Sunday night.

Whether you have land at Dundee or a rural block you’ve yet to build on, we can design a shed with ablutions, a kitchenette and even air conditioning to make your weekend stay comfortable and secure.

Give us a call if your block needs a shed that’s much more than a shed!